Inspection Facilities

Inspection is a critical part of our business. With each machine center being equipped with measuring gauges (air gauges, slip gauges etc.) and required inspection equipments, we also operate a dedicated inspection department with full time quality control engineers. As a company with a long-term proven track record, we understand what quality means to our customers.

Inspection Capabilities -

  • CNC Coordinate Measuring M/C (CMM) - Carl Zeiss, Germany
  • CNC Gear Tester - OSAKA CLP 35, Japan
  • CNC Contour Measuring Machine – Carl Zeiss, Germany
  • CNC Contour Measuring Cum Surface Roughness Machine - Carl Zeiss, Germany
  • Laser Inspection Machine – Opticline-305, HommelEtamic, Germany
  • CNC Gear Roll Tester
  • Equator 300 - Renishaw
  • Computerized Optical Vision Measure Machine
  • Profile Projector
  • 2-D Electronic height gauge - Mitutoyo, Japan
  • CAD and 3-D Design Software to design our special tooling and fixtures
  • Hardness Testing Machine and many more………